Many people believe this world is broken beyond repair.

” Having made purification for sins he sat down.” See Hebrews 1:3 Mirror Bible.
(The entire universe now bears witness to mankind’s redeemed innocence.) See Mirror Bible Extended Notes the New Heaven and Earth.
“by contrast, we have been welcomed to an invisible mount Zion: the city of peace( Jerusalem), the residence of the living God, the festive assembly of an innumerable celestial host.
The Word of God is always alive and adapts our mindsets to the Eternal Mind and Plans of the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
Your words and thoughts have the power to create ( in many ways) the reality you accept today and tomorrow. I read the MIrror Bible’s translation of Revelations because what John saw, then wrote has the power to change our nation and the world today.
I urge you In Jesus Name, to let go of other’s snapshots of an evil circumstance and ask Jesus Christ the Victorious King to work all things out for your good and His Glory. This is to the Prophet is In Saturday 6-26-21.