Massive Changes Coming in 2020

The best words come when you least expect them. I was listening to the word Father God gave me concerning the new year coming in a few hours from now.

He said ” Massive changes are coming to your Town, City, State, and Nation. As I told Abraham to look up into the starry night, what you are viewing tonight and into 2020 will be the massive goodness of My Blessings in, around and upon you, wherever you live. As you open your eyes to view all of these wonders and spectacles happening that I am reigning on the Earth now, be filled with My Peace. Some will choose fear, and wonder what is going on and why? I am sharing this with you before these wonders happen so that you will know that My Goodness is on display so choose to be at peace in Me. The changes you will hear and see will be in three spheres, the Economic, Ecology, and Eschatology spheres around the globe. These are showing My Will and Plans for your lives, your states, and your nations.

Now as your 2019 draws to a close, come away with Me. Come to Me and let a respite for your soul manifest today. So I say again, choose Me and you will see My Glory, receive My Peace and enjoy My Goodness says the Blessed Father, Blessed Son and Blessed Holy Spirit.

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