This prophetic ministry is supported by generous monthly gifts from people who practice the teaching of Jesus Christ who said:” honor a prophet, and receive a prophet’s reward,” and “give and it will be given back to you in greater measure…”

Your one-time gifts are welcomed.
You can also give any amount monthly to this ministry. You will receive a prophetic word through the email that Father speaks as soon as possible.

The following suggested amounts of ongoing ( for 12 months) supports this Prophetic Ministry:

Level 1: Once your gift of $55.00 is received for this crew level you will receive the following:

  • a. The PLP Crew Hat.
  • b. The Prophet’s Call every six months.
  • c. A personal invite to call the Prophet is In Show on Saturdays.
  • d. A dream interpretation ( one for the calendar year).

The goal of this Prophet is to be available daily for ministry only. For the price of a custom coffee, you can support this ministry to reach more people for the Kingdom of God. Go to Paypal link and set your gift of $100.00 to give all at once or mark the gift send monthly.

Level 2: For a gift of $100.00 monthly gift through PayPal is received the level 2 crew members will receive the following:

The Crew Member Hat with the PLP Logo.

  • a. A Prophet’s Call once a quarter ( every three months)
  • b.A Dream Interpretation. Two in twelve months.
  • c.A Personal Invitation to call the Prophet’s In Show on BlogTalkRadio.
  • d. A Birthday Prophecy based on your birthdate sent to you! These ministries sent to you as an appreciation for your generous support in appreciation of your monthly gifts.