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God Directed Giving Brings
God Directed Breakthrough!

This prophetic ministry is supported by generous monthly gifts from people who practice the teaching of Jesus Christ who said:” honor a prophet, and receive a prophet’s reward,” and “give and it will be given back to you in greater measure…”

Your one-time gifts are welcomed.

You can also give any amount monthly to this ministry. You will receive a prophetic word through the email that Father speaks as soon as possible.

The following suggested amounts of ongoing (for 12 months) supports this Prophetic Ministry:

Level 1: Once your gift of $55.00 is received for this crew level you will receive the following:

  • The PLP Crew Hat.
  • The Prophet’s Call every six months.
  • A personal invite to call the Prophet is In Show on Saturdays.
  • A dream interpretation ( one for the calendar year)

Level 2: For a gift of $100.00 monthly gift through PayPal is received the level 2 crew members will receive the following:

The Crew Member Hat with the PLP Logo.

1. A Prophet’s Call once a quarter ( every three months)

b.A Dream Interpretation. Two in twelve months.

c.A Personal Invitation to call the Prophet’s In Show on BlogTalkRadio.

1. A Birthday Prophecy based on your birthdate sent to you!
These ministries sent to you as an appreciation for your
generous support in appreciation of your monthly gifts.

The goal of this Prophet is to be available daily for ministry only. For the price of a custom coffee, you can support this ministry to reach more people for the Kingdom of God. Go to Paypal link and set your gift of $100.00 to give all at once or mark the gift send monthly.

If you would prefer to send in a gifts to this ministry, here is the mailing address.

Tim Fox
PO Box – 493381 Redding California
Zip: 96049-3381