My I-am-ness ( mirrored in you) is your way…”

Jesus said,” My I-am-ness (mirrored in you) is your way; this is your truth and also your life. Every single person is now brought face-to-face with the Father entirely because of my doing” John 14:6

Jesus saw his life perfected in the Father. He spent time with the Father, listening to what the Father was speaking and what the Father was doing. Jesus’s words and life demonstrated the consistency of Truth, love, and peace in his brief life of thirty-three years.

People are reeling from the consistent messages of lies presented as Truth in our nation and culture. The only way to dismiss the barrage of contradictions is to listen to the way, Truth, and the life of Jesus Christ available to all people.  He is the superseding Truth that sets your life in perfect Truth. ” My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they follow me.” John 10:27