We Captivate His Gaze.

16:22 Just like with childbirth where joy eclipses the labor pains, so your present sorrow will be vanquished, and your hearts will erupt in joy when you realize how you captivate my 1gaze. And no one will be able to take this joy away from you. (Again the word 1οψομαι is used, from horaō, to look at something with wide-open eyes as in gazing at something remarkable. In the mirror reflection of his gaze, we see ourselves,  and now we know even as we have always been known.) Francois Du Toit. Mirror Study Bible (p. 2195). Mirror Word. Kindle Edition.

We captivate Elohim’s gaze. They know every aspect of our lives, from our dreams and plans to our work, loves, and disappointments. Let us find comfort in knowing that we are not alone and that Elohim sees and understands our experiences.